The Tax Data API has been created to make it simple and easy to collect IRS tax data from your customers. We provide a standard REST-based API to provide a fast way to start using Tax Status. With this API you can request taxpayer consent (via Tax Status or building flow internally), view all taxpayer data (official income, levy, liens, filings, etc.), monitor the IRS for changes to accounts, and download official IRS tax transcripts.

Many of the API methods are asynchronous because they may start a long running process. For example, it may be a few days after calling the REQUEST or CONSENT methods before the INDIVIDUAL or BUSINESS details are available. Usually it is same day or next day, however, it is possible for it to take longer. Therefore, we have provided the LASTSTATUS method so you can get the status of all the taxpayers you have submitted in the given timeframe.

API Walkthrough

The normal flow for organizations using the API is to call the VERIFY method to confirm that the taxpayer's information is true and accurate and then call either REQUEST, to have Tax Status collect consent, or CONSENT once you have collected a taxpayer's authorization, in your flow, to pull the tax data. Once the IRS has recorded the consent, organizations can call the INDIVIDUAL or BUSINESS methods to pull the summary of the taxpayers history. If you need the actual transcripts for the taxpayer, call the TRANSCRIPT method or to get all the fields as key value pairs, you can call the TRANSCRIPTDETAIL method. To update the taxpayers data to the most recent/current time, call the UPDATE method.

We can help with this flow and give you options on the best ways to collect consent from the taxpayer.

We recommend you explore the API using the API Walkthrough. Once you register, and are approved, this page will provide everything you need to test our APi in our development sandbox.

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