Business Method POST

The BUSINESS method returns a summary, by tax period, of all relevent data that creates a tax profile of the business. Such things as Total Sales, AGI, the forms filed, filing date, if a balance is owed, and any actions the IRS has taken or are planning on taking.

Request Path

Submit all business requests to the following path.


You will obtain the API endpoint after you register on your account page.


Each request must an Oauth2 tokan and your company Id, assigned by TaxStatus, in the header.


Query String Parameters

Query string parameters are not supported on this method.

/Business Request application/json

This method uses the Tax Identification Number (EIN) for a business to retrieve all relevant tax data points by period (YYYYMM).


  • companyId* The company Id of the company this call is on behalf of. If the call is not on behalf of another company, then the registered company Id TaxStatus assigned during the registration process (used in the euid field in the header.
  • ein* 9-digit tax id (no spaces or hypens) of a business

Example call request body for the individual method

{ "companyId":"enco45100", "ein":"555555555" }

Response Body application/json

The following is a list of all possible fields. NULL fields are not returned.


  • EIN The EIN sent in the request
  • LastOrBusiness The name of the business sent in the request
  • Data An array of objects for each period available from the IRS
    • Period The tax year and month this list applies to in YYYYMM format
    • Form Indicates if fomr is ANNUAL or Quarterly
    • FormType Indicates the IRS form type (ACTR, RETR, RECA, CIVPEN, etc.)
    • UpdateDate The date the data was last retrieved from the IRS
    • FileingStatus The filing status of the business
    • AnnualForm The annual form the business files
    • TotalIncome The total income filed
    • TotalSales The total sales filed
    • TotalCompensation The total compensation for the officers filed
    • TotalWages The total wages for the employees filed
    • IRSBalance The balance owed by the business to the IRS
    • FileDate The date the IRS received the tax form from the business
    • LienDate If populated, the date a lien was issued to the business
    • LienBalance If populated, the balance of the lien issued to the business
    • LateDate If populated, the date after the deadline a tax form was received
    • LevyDate If populated, the date a levy was issued to the business
    • AuditDate If populated, the date an audite is planned for the business
    • IADate If populated, the date a payment plan was issued to the business
    • CNCDate If populated, the date a business was given Curently Not Collectable (CNC) status
    • OfferDate If populated, the date an offer from the IRS was issued to the business
    • AgencyDate If populated, the date the IRS sent the taxpayer to an outside collection agency
    • NoticeDate If populated, the date a notice from the IRS was sent
    • SFRDate If populated, the date a Substitue of return was filed by the IRS
    • PassportDate If populated, the date the taxpayers passport was revoked
    • PaymentDate If populated, the date when the business last made a payment
    • ExtensionDate If populated, the date the business was given an extension on the filing deadline
    • FTDPenaltyDate If populated, the date the business missed their Federal Tax Deposit
    • EmptyMessage If populated, a message to inform that no data is available for this period. Many times you may see 'Requested data not found' Or 'No record of return filed'. The former ususally means that type of return wasn't filed, and the IRS IS NOT expecting that type of return. The latter means the IRS IS expecting that type of return, but one hasn't been filed.

Example response body for the business method

{ "EIN": "XX-XXX5555", "LastOrBusiness": "Acme Inc" "Data": [ { "Period": 201512, "Form": "1120", "FormType": "ACTR", "UpdateDate": "10/18/2021", "AnnualForm": "1120", "TotalIncome": 494412.00, "TotalSales": 573674.00, "TotalCompensation": 25500.00, "IRSBalance": 29206.07, "FileDate": "11/07/2016", "LienDate": "09/27/2019", "LateDate": "11/12/2018", "LevyDate": "08/10/2020", "NoticeDate": "01/09/2020", "PaymentDate": "04/09/2021", "ExtensionDate": "04/04/2016" }, { "Period": 201612, "Form": "1065", "FormType": "ACTR", "UpdateDate": "10/18/2021", "AnnualForm": "1065", "LienBalance": 0.00, "EmptyMessage": "Requested data not found." }, { "Period": 201712, "Form": "1120", "FormType": "ACTR", "UpdateDate": "10/18/2021", "AnnualForm": "1120", "TotalSales": 0.00, "TotalCompensation": 0.00, "TotalWages": 0.00, "IRSBalance": 0.00, "FileDate": "09-01-2014", "LienBalance": 0.00, "ExtensionDate": "04-08-2013", "EmptyMessage": "" }] }

Example of response when a business is not in the system.

{"taxpayer":"Waiting on IRS"}

The reponse codes for the laststatus call are standard HTML response codes.

Response Codes

HTTP Status Code Description Explanation
200 Accepted/OK The request has been accepted with no issues
400 Bad Request You are missing some required fields or the Json in the body is missing or malformed
403 Forbidden You do not have authorization to make this call. Possibly your comapany Id is invalid or you are calling on behalf of a company with which you dont have authority.