Transcript Method POST

The TRANSCRIPT method is used to request transcripts for a taxpayer with which the requestor has consent by the taxpayer to view the tax data.

Request Path

Submit all transcript requests to the following path.


You will obtain the API endpoint after you register on your account page.



Query String Parameters

Query string parameters are not supported on this method.

/Transcript Request application/json

Request the transcript(s) needed by the organization.

Request Body

Below are the attributes for the Transcript method.


  • companyId* The company Id of the company this call is on behalf of. If the call is not on behalf of another company, then the registered company Id TaxStatus assigned during the registration process (used in the euid field in the header.
  • tin* 9-digit tax id (no spaces or hypens) of the individual or company
  • needPDF If provided, a boolean as to whether the transcripts needs to be PDF instead of the standard HTML
  • transcripts An array indicationg which transcripts need to be ordered
    • transciptType* One of the transcript types: ACTR (Account Transcript), WAID (Income), RECA (Record of Account), RETR (Tax Return Transcript)
    • transcriptForm* The form type to be ordered (1040, 940, 941, 1120, 1065, INCOME, etc.)
    • transcriptPeriod* The tax year and month concatinated together i.e. - 201812

Example: Transcript calls

{ "companyId": "enco45100", "tin": "222222222", "transcripts": [{ "transcriptType": "ACTR", "transcriptForm": "1040", "transcriptPeriod": "201612" }, { "transcriptType": "WAID", "transcriptForm": "INCOME", "transcriptPeriod": "201512" }, { "transcriptType": "RECA", "transcriptForm": "1040", "transcriptPeriod": "201812" }] }

{ "companyId": "enco45100", "tin": "333333333", "needPDF": true, "transcripts": [{ "transcriptType": "ACTR", "transcriptForm": "1040", "transcriptPeriod": "201912" }, { "transcriptType": "WAID", "transcriptForm": "INCOME", "transcriptPeriod": "201912" }, { "transcriptType": "RECA", "transcriptForm": "1040", "transcriptPeriod": "201912" }] }

Sample business call

{ "companyId": "enco45100", "tin": "555555555", "transcripts": [{ "transcriptType": "ACTR", "transcriptForm": "940", "transcriptPeriod": "201812" }, { "transcriptType": "RECA", "transcriptForm": "1120", "transcriptPeriod": "201812" }] }

Response Body application/json

The following is a list of all possible fields. NULL fields are not returned.


  • Data An array of objects containing transcript data
    • Period The period from the request
    • Form The form from the request
    • FormType The form type from the request
    • TIN The SSN or EIN from request, which ever is appropriate
    • LastOrBusiness The last name of individual or business name from the request
    • TranscriptDate The IRS system date of the transcript
    • EmptyMessage If populated, will be a message from the IRS system such as 'Transcipt Not Available'
    • Transcript If available, the base-64 string of the transcript file. To be converted back into the original file

Example response body for the Transcript method. Actual base-64 string not shown for brevity.

{ "Data": [ { "Period": "201612", "Form": "1040", "FormType": "ACTR", "TIN": "XXXXX2222", "LastOrBusiness": "Smith", "TranscriptDate": "10/18/2021", "EmptyMessage": "", "Transcript": "Base-64 string of the file" }, { "Period": "201512", "Form": "INCOME", "FormType": "WAID", "TIN": "XXXXX2222", "LastOrBusiness": "Smith", "TranscriptDate": "10/18/2021", "EmptyMessage": "", "Transcript": "Base-64 string of the file" }, { "Period": "201812", "Form": "1040", "FormType": "RECA", "TIN": "XXXXX2222", "LastOrBusiness": "Smith", "TranscriptDate": "10/18/2021", "EmptyMessage": "Transcript not found", "Transcript": "" } ] }

The possible reponse codes are below.

Response Codes

HTTP Status Code Description Explanation
200 Accepted/OK The request has been accepted with no issues
400 Bad Request You are missing some required fields or the Json in the body is missing or malformed
403 Forbidden You do not have authorization to make this call. Possibly your comapany Id is invalid or you are calling on behalf of a company with which you dont have authority.

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